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In Step With®... Stephen King

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In Step With®... Stephen King

By James Brady
Published: July 2, 2006

When my kitchen phone rang one recent afternoon, and a voice said, “Hi, it’s Steve King calling,” I suddenly found myself talking with that refreshingly casual and candid American author— perhaps the most widely read ever. With more than 50 novels, 200 short stories and nearly 300 million books sold, Stephen King can be described as an indefatigable storyteller and a literary force of nature. But what he says is simply, “I’m a Maine boy, born and bred.”

On July 12, eight teleplays of King’s short stories, called Nightmares & Dreamscapes, will begin airing in one-hour episodes on the TNT network. They’ll star an impressive cast, including William Hurt, Kim Delaney, William H. Macy and Henry Thomas.

I asked if King himself ever has nightmares. “Working helps me sleep well,” he said. “But when I’m not working, I do have them.” Then he added, “I also have sweet dreams.”

King experienced a living nightmare seven years ago when he was hit by a minivan while walking along a rural Maine road. His spine was injured, his hip crushed, a leg broken and a lung collapsed. “Two years ago, I nearly died of pneumonia” due to the damage to his lungs, he told me. Today he’s feeling pretty good and is back to work.

King said he once tried writing two books simultaneously and came up with a “flat battery.” Another time, he penned a 300-page novel called The Running Man in just 10 days. His first publication, put out when he was only 12 and co-written with his brother, David, was called “Dave’s Rag.” When does he write? “I’m a morning guy,” said Stephen, who listens to rock music as he works. He even belongs to an all-writers rock band which, he admitted, isn’t very good. “We play about as well as rock stars write books,” he joked.

Even though King loves Maine, he was calling me from his home near Sarasota, Fla. “Years ago, when the kids were away at college, Maine had a bad ice storm,” he told me, “and my wife and I couldn’t get out. We couldn’t go anywhere, and we looked at each other as if, ‘Who needs this?’”

But now the ice is gone, so it’s back to Maine.


Brady's Bits
Stephen King and his wife, writer Tabitha Spruce, met “in the library stacks” at the University of Maine. He was teaching high school when he began writing Carrie and threw it into the trash as not good enough. Tabitha retrieved it, got him to finish, sold it to Doubleday—and King was off to the races. He and Tabitha have three grown children. “And they all write,” he told me. “Joe and Owen just sold a film script, and Owen put out a book of stories. And Naomi, our oldest, is also a minister.” Stephen turns 60 next year. Uneasy? “Petrified,” he said, laughing. But he added, ”When you turn 80, you’re old.” A manic Red Sox fan, he used to say (until they finally won the Series) that on his tombstone would be a single sock inscribed with the words: “Not in my lifetime.”

Born Sept. 21, 1947, in Portland, Maine. Married to Tabitha Spruce since 1971. Three children: Naomi, 34; Joseph, 32; and Owen, 27.

Include Carrie, 1974; The Shining, 1977; The Stand, 1978; The Dead Zone, 1979; Firestarter, 1980; Cujo, 1981; Pet Sematary, 1983; Misery, 1987; Rose Madder, 1995; The Green Mile, 1996; On Writing, 2001.

Include Hugo Award, 1982; Locus, 1982, 1986, 1997, 1999 and 2001; O. Henry Award, 1996; National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, 2003. Nominated for Emmys, 1994 and 1997.

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А о чем ваще статья ;) ?

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I asked if King himself ever has nightmares. “Working helps me sleep well,” he said. “But when I’m not working, I do have them.” Then he added, “I also have sweet dreams.”

вот, кстати, у меня абсолютно также.

tnx for interesting interview, sai;)

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