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Q&A with Stephen King

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Q&A with Stephen King

Author Stephen King discussed Marvel's comic book adaptation of his Dark Tower novels in an exchange of emails with USA TODAY's David Colton:

Q: How much involvement on the plot and dialogue with writers Peter David and Robin Furth did you have on The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born? And did you work with artist Jae Lee on the look and feel of the books?

King: "I had a lot of involvement in casting the course of the narrative, and in fact suggested that these illustrated narratives should focus on Roland's young manhood. Beyond that, I wanted to give a lot of the control over to these other imaginations, which I had come to respect.

"The first few issues, I should add, are almost entirely drawn from the books. Readers will recognize them and hopefully be as thrilled as I am. And I know Jae Lee's work well enough to trust him entirely. It pays off. His work has never been better."

Q: You've done a bit of comic book work in the past, but comic fans have asked why you haven't done more. Can you talk about your childhood favorites and whether that four-color world has informed your body of work in ways obvious or subtle?

King: "Short answer to part A? I haven't been asked that often and really, the press of my own work the last few years has been intense. I'm in a constant race with my own imagination, and imagination usually wins.

"Childhood faves? That's easy. Plastic Man. Little Lulu. Uncle $crooge (Donald never interested me in the slightest). Classics Comics. And, of course, the EC horror comics. The four-color world, as you call it, has always had a strong influence on my work, particularly Salem's Lot and The Stand."

Q: Of all your works, why did you settle on Dark Tower and Roland as the one to adapt to graphic form? What convinced you that now was the time?

King: "The time was right because the right people appeared. And since there will probably never be a Dark Tower/Gunslinger movie, this is the next closest thing. And it's a hauntingly pretty thing, as it turns out."

Q: What happens when novelist meets comic book? Is it an expansive experience or does the artwork make it all feel somehow too literal?

King: "Not too literal, no. More phantasmagoric than ever. And it's a true collaboration especially the narrative panels. Do I absolutely love everything? Nope. It's a collaboration. But I absolutely love a lot, and in an imperfect world, that's just about Nirvana."

Q: Finally, were you Batman or Superman? Marvel or DC? Can we expect your take on Galactus someday?

King: "Batman forever, of course. Supes was too darned perfect. Besides, I kept wondering what happened to his —uh, waste matter. Were they truly Turds of Steel? Ah, the questions of youth are long, long questions!"


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